The Frustrations of Pandora

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Pandora, the free online radio service in which you can create a custom ‘radio station’ that plays music for you based on the musical characteristics of an artist or song of your choosing. I’ve recently managed to fine-tune a Pandora station that’s right where I want it, full of funky, jazzy, electronic tracks, with the right combination of obscure and mainstream. One of the biggest frustrations I have with Pandora is the occasional inability to purchase or otherwise obtain some of the tunes that I hear. Of late, I’ve been searching for a song by a group called Ortophonk that’s been coming up fairly frequently. The track’s called “Hau da oh Nena!!!”, at least according to the Pandora track listing. Repeated Google searching only turns up a MySpace page that purports to belong to the band, but nothing else. I can’t find their music on Amazon or iTunes. The only places that I can see that claim to sell their records are shady Russian MP3 sites who promise a whole album for a nickel.

So I’m posting this in the off chance this will show up in a google search for “Ortophonk”: anyone got a copy of this record?

Thesis Presentation Wrapup

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The presentation last night went incredibly well, better than I thought it would. Courtesy of Chris Penido, here are a few photos of the event, with his own captions:
Guy declares he's an 3l33t h4x0r

Guy declares he’s an 3l33t h4x0r: What a great icebreaker! We all lolz

Guy is the only dude up there

Guy proposes the notion that hax0rz make the Internet “go”: This is very tru…

Openess of Web 2.0 on Media hacking portrayl

Openess of Web 2.0 on Media hacking portrayal: Hacker is no longer viewed as an evil ruffian, but perhaps the person that helps empower others to take control of technology. Media supports that perspective.

Guy is the only dude up there

Guy is the only dude up there: Just noticed that… :-P

Guys certificate refers to Guy as a "her"

Guy’s Certificate refers to him as a ‘her’: LOLz

Thesis Presentation

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If for some reason you’re in the New York area and would like to come and see me condense eighteen months of research and writing into an eight-minute presentation, you are welcome to come to my department’s annual Honors Thesis Presentation, where I will be giving a short talk about my work

April 14, 2008


Department of Media, Culture, and Communication

239 Greene Street, 7th Floor

You’ll need some sort of ID to enter the building, and it would be wise to email me and let me know you’re coming first. The presentations will be:

  • Love Expert MD: A Look at Self-Help Romantic Relationship Articles in Young Adult Magazines and the Sources They Use
  • The Effect of 9/11 and the Invasion of Iraq on Media Portrayals of Scott Ritter
  • ILOVE the iPhone: Hackers, the Internet, and the Press 2000-2008 [That's me!]
  • From the Outside Looking In: The Societal Influences of the Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • The Stained Glass Ceiling

Site Migration

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This is a pretty purposeless post; mainly to test my ability to make posts after moving this site to a fresh Linux install on a 1.5GHz machine instead of that old P-II 500MHz that this was running on previously.

I have some other stuff to post later, hopefully.