Wataru is really concerned which he will undoubtedly be within his friend Mikami’s situation

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Meanwhile, Wataru mediates ranging from Mikami with his daughter Fumiko: the guy will bring her funds from her father and tells this lady you to the lady father would like to find their. Whenever Wataru recommends the lady to disregard the girl mommy, she confesses that it was a trick: she extorted off your the kind of decision that Setsuko try seeking. Informed, Wataru’s girlfriend Kiyoko try pleased your count try settled however, Wataru instead nevertheless does not agree out-of Taniguchi and you may swears he wouldn’t check out his daughter’s wedding once they get married.

It announce the wedding and you may Wataru verifies he won’t sit in the wedding. The evening till the matrimony Wataru coldly informs his wife you to he’ll at all sit in the wedding due to the fact each one of his family unit members are getting. » Read the rest of this entry «

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