4 ProDommes show what it really’s Like to Be a Dominatrix IRL

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The popularity of Euphoria and connection, two TV shows which feature Dominatrix as primary characters-Kat Hernandez and Tiff Chester, respectively-suggests everyone is awesome interested in the idea of a Dominatrix.

Unfortuitously, you can find wide-ranging criticisms of both shows’ portrayals of BDSM. Numerous vocals issue that because Kat is underage, the woman part as a Dominatrix is innately dis-empowering. Other individuals roll an eye fixed at just how blatantly completely wrong Bonding’s portrayal is of consent and limits in a D/s relationship. And both television shows include implicated of perpetuating the annoyed trope that every intercourse workers are survivors of (usually sexual) trauma.

For this reason “you really are unable to count on everything you’ve noticed in the mass media about Dominatrix to appreciate the goals we perform, why we exercise, just who we are, or what secure SADO MASO tactics resemble,” says Andre Shakti, expert Dominatrix, intercourse instructor, and intimacy coach.

Keeping that in mind, Shakti and three more professional Dominatrices communicate exactly what are a Dominatrix is truly like. Here, they explain exactly what a Dominatrix is really, just what sorts of activities they could perform with a customer, exactly what a session appears like, and how they impacts their unique non-professional everyday lives.

Understanding a Dominatrix, Exactly?

All of our great mate Merriam Webster defines a Dominatrix as “a female who actually or emotionally reigns over this lady companion in a sadomasochistic experience.” (And, yes, it’s always capitalized, as a nod towards the energy dynamics involved.)

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