Group outcomes of varied migration methods assessed within the an excellent metapopulation out-of tundra swans

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Migration was a prominent facet of the existence history of many avian species, nevertheless demographic outcomes regarding varying migration procedures have only not often already been investigated, and you will scarcely while using the progressive scientific and you can analytical techniques for determining survival, way models, and much time-label output relating to lifetime background principle. I tracked the latest fates out of 50 satellite-implanted tundra swans (Cygnus columbianus) more than cuatro years regarding four disparate breeding components during the Alaska, and you will put understood-fate analyses in order to estimate month-to-month survival probability in line with migration distance, breeding area, migratory flyway, breeding status, and you will age. We especially checked out whether or not migratory birds face a swap-from, whereby a lot of time-length migrants understand higher emergency prices at the expense of all the way down productivity due to less date with the reproduction portion in accordance with wild birds you to definitely move smaller ranges and you can spend more day toward reproduction elements.


Annual migration distances ranged notably one of breeding elements (1020 to 12720 km), and you will was indeed highly adversely correlated over the years allocated to reproduction areas (r = ?0.986). Prices regarding yearly endurance opportunities varied of the wintering area (Pacific shore, Alaska Peninsula, and you will Eastern seaboard) and you may ranged of 0.79 (95%CI: 0.70–0.88) to a single.0, according to conditions used to discern mortalities regarding broadcast failures. We don’t pick proof to own an excellent linear matchmaking ranging from migration length and emergency since the swans throughout the reproduction section towards the shortest and you can longest migration distances encountered the highest emergency likelihood. » Read the rest of this entry «

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