He said: “Yes, in the event the she sees drinking water

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It is haraam to possess good menstruating woman so you’re able to punctual, be it an obligatory otherwise a naafil prompt, and is perhaps not legitimate in the event the she does it. However, she’s and then make upwards people obligatory fasts that she misses, because of the hadeeth out of ‘Aa’ishah (could possibly get Allaah appreciate the woman) just who told you: “That – meaning menses – accustomed eventually united states therefore was asked and work out up fasts but we had been not required making up prayers.”

If the a lady gets the girl menses whenever this woman is fasting, the lady fast will get invalid whether or not that happens just before Maghrib, and you can this lady has while making upwards one big date whether or not it was an obligatory fast.

However if she feels your months are upcoming prior to Maghrib, but no bloodstream made an appearance until after the sun place, following their fast is complete and that’s perhaps not invalidated, depending on the best view, because there is zero ruling associated with bloodstream that’s however inside the looks, while this new Prophet (serenity and blessings off Allaah be abreast of your) was asked about a woman who observes in a dream just what a person notices (i.age., a sensual dream), do she need to do ghusl? ” Therefore the ruling are connected to seeing liquids, maybe not feeling body sensations. The same pertains to menses: the new rulings don’t pertain up to it is viewed beyond your human anatomy, not simply the body feelings.


In the event that start will come when the woman try menstruating, this is not good on her behalf so you can quick you to definitely day actually if the she gets natural also a second shortly after dawn. » Read the rest of this entry «

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