Tinder Blur Hack in 2021 [Updated Method] How to see who liked you on Tinder without Gold?

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The most valuable feature of Tinder Gold is the See Who Likes You feature. The main problem with Tinder Gold that the other exclusive feature, Tinder Top Picks is pretty much useless, and the price is way too high for this one extra feature. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you: the Tinder Blur Hack allows you to see who liked your profile for free without paying for Tinder Gold.

In this blog post, we are going to show you how you can do this hack in a desktop computer or in your Android phone step by step.

Tinder Blur Gold Hack on Desktop in 2020

There is a way to see all profiles that already liked you by using the Tinder desktop app in a Chrome browser and using the ?Inspect element? function.

If you are fine with written instructions, here are all the steps you can unveil the visit the site profiles with the blur hack:

  • Step 1.: Open a Chrome browser on your desktop computer and go to Tinder
  • Step 2.: Click the little gold star at the top of your screen. If you see any number there that shows how many profiles have already liked you that you didn’t swipe left or tight yet.
  • Step 3.: Right now you can only see the blurred photos yet, so first right-click on a profile photo you would like to blur out and choose ?Inspect element?
  • Step 4.: A window will pop up at the bottom of your screen or at the right with the front end code of the website. Here click into this then search here for ?blur? and the pixels, or find it by going through the code
  • Step 5. Drop the number of pixels down to zero or close to zero. This way the photos will lose their blurriness and you will see all the profiles who liked you for free.

You still won’t be able to start a conversation with them or swipe them, but now you can see all the profiles who liked you without paying for Tinder Gold.

If for some reason this hack didn’t unblur the pictures, there is another way which is a little bit different but using the same basic technique in the browser. » Read the rest of this entry «

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