She stated Zacharias additionally conveyed he planned to satisfy personally for a€?an close sexual experience

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a€?we stupidly shared that I didn’t wear night clothes,a€? Thompson authored, a€?which are . . . what triggered the most important pictures are delivered without clothing on. Still, I covered up my personal breasts with my arm and hid my personal pubic location with my thighs.a€?

Thompson published that Zacharias called the lady in ily was a student in Fl therefore the two engaged in a€?sex over the telephone.a€? Thompson wrote that she a€?was overloaded by their words,a€? including that she is a€?terribly ashamed nowa€? regarding experience and finds it the a€?hardest part to process.a€?

But you can find eight brief a€?INCOMING ZZa€? calls to Thompson’s mobile in Fl from March 16-March 25. Additionally one label from Thompson to Zacharias’ mobile phone.

Thompson had written that she sent the most important a€?full nudesa€? to Zacharias via BBM on or around the period of his 70 th birthday.

a€?contained in this scenario, such as all potential instances,a€? she authored, a€?pictures flowed one way-from me to him. The guy known it absolutely was something used to do for your, it absolutely was maybe not for me personally and he got extremely pleased.a€?

Thompson said Zacharias delivered the woman presents of two necklaces with crosses in it and two scarves from Asia around this opportunity.

Thompson’s cellular phone information program four incoming calls from Zacharias’ cellphone in April and could, each 17-20 mins very long.

Thompson mentioned after each intimate encounter, a€?shame washed over me personally like a tidal revolution.a€? Repeatedly, Thompson said she and Zacharias decided to end interacting through his BlackBerry Messenger. » Read the rest of this entry «

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