He’s written and produced his own material

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For a long time, John Lehr struggled to truly find his footing in showbiz. “I’m like an odd duck, I think,” he told Interviewing Hollywood. As a stand-up comedian whose material is based in storytelling, and as an actor who’d rather improvise than follow a script, Lehr explained that he found himself “in the in-between world.” This turned out to be an issue when it came to fitting in and finding work. “I’ve kind of had to forge my own way,” he continued, saying that he eventually branched out on his own to combine his acting and writing talents on both stage and screen. He added, “I love producing. It’s a big part of who I am.”

Lehr’s first solo effort in this vein was a one-man show Off-Broadway called The Lehr Curse (via Playbill), which changed the course of his career in 2004. “I just started to get a taste of the fact that I had something . » Read the rest of this entry «

NoStringsAttached Reviews: Is a legit hookup site or not?

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This is one site where it is not only okay to be naughty, it is welcomed. One of the other three best sites that we reviewed, this is one that we give a huge thumbs up to. The site that had some of the most beautiful women, the best part is that although they were our of our league, they weren’t out of our league. The level of hotness that we were able to score with on this site is unimaginable. Better than 99% of the other sites out there, there weren’t any fake profiles, or scams, just 100% good clean, well actually naughty, sex to be had.

Our Favorite BeNaughty strategies for fast hookups

This site made it much easier than others to find a girl and to hookup with her. There does have to be some work on your part, but this site made it much less punishing. Our favorite strategy was that we found the type of women on this site tended to be more of the thrill seeker. They were on this site not just because they wanted to have a sexual encounter, but because they wanted to have the thrill of a naughty sexual encounter. » Read the rest of this entry «

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