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Significantly more was said about them, but we would like to end with a quote regarding Legenda Maior, where pencil out of biographer St Bonaventura da Bagnoregio with pride outlines the fresh highest point away from Francis’ existence: his getting the newest Stigmata away from Christ, into mountain of La Verna. Which account allows us to comprehend the individuality of saint while the peculiar characteristics off his renowned image.

In this way, the actual love of Christ got transformed the latest lover into picture of the new dear

Hence, the new angelic guy Francis descended from the hill: and he carried contained in this himself the fresh effigy of your own Crucifixion, represented not on brick or solid wood boards from the hand of good craftsman, however, designed in their tissue by fist of your way of living Lord Goodness. (Legenda Maior, XIII, 5, FF 1228)

The newest Francis the audience is considering illustrated on these works of art try themselves the image, effigy off Christ. Francis themselves was a work of art, developed by the new little finger of the way of living Lord God! And, within our thoughts, this is basically the best and you will effective secret to own ensuring a keen genuine interpretation and you can active use of the Franciscan iconography: recalling, since if inside a game from Chinese packages, your subject decorated by singer is themselves a fabric, a board, where Greatest Copywriter, courtesy love, paints his personal care about-portrait. » Read the rest of this entry «

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