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No, it’s not Stephen King’s apocalyptic novel, it’s a new(-ish) burger joint on East 12th Street in New York. I paid Stand a visit with my coworkers this afternoon–shamefully late after working almost directly across the street since long before its opening in December. The owner, Jonathan Morr, is the man behind Republic, the communal-table pan-Asian noodle house in Union Square. Stand feels about the same, with similar décor and seating, except, well, with burgers, shakes and fries instead of Pad Thai and Udon. The menu is even constructed in about the same way, with a few core ingredients served in marginally different combinations. In fact, the difference between the Cheeseburger and Classic Burger with Cheese is that one comes with lettuce and is a dollar extra.

I opted for the Classic Burger ($9), which arrived medium-rare, very juicy, with peppercorn mayonnaise, pickles, and homemade tomato sauce of some sort. A nine-dollar hamburger, you ask? Well, yeah, but this was a serious burger. The sort of burger that takes your fast-food impostor, and rocks its face off.  It had clearly been prepared with care, tasting genuinely char-broiled, retaining the natural juices from the cooking process. If I had any complaint, it was perhaps a bit too juicy, making eating it somewhat on the messy side.

I washed it down with a glass of Blue Point Toasted Lager, one of the several draft beers Stand has available. The other beverages available range from what appears to be the ultimate milkshake made with Il Labatorio del Gelato ice-cream, to various fruity cocktails.
So, if you’re in the Village with ten bucks to spend on lunch, give Stand a shot. A different take on the American staple, to be sure, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

(n.b. Foodite has a much more detailed and eloquent review here)

Spectrum Networks Design Finished

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I finished at least phase I of the design for, which is now up, including some rather nice PHP to dynamically generate page headers. It also looks like John has restarted his blog over at Check them both out if you can.

Spectrum Networks

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Spectrum SlugI’m working on some graphic design stuff for Spectrum Networks, a networking company started by my good friend John van Oppen and others. The website, linked above also is If you have some graphic design background and feel like sending some comments, I’d appreciate it. It’s a work in progress.

Sunday Afternoon in Gramercy

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71 Irving PlThis afternoon, I was sitting in my very favourite café, 71 Irving Place, reading American Fascists (another book for The Culture Industries), when I overheard the group sitting next to me. There were two girls about my age, and a middle-aged lady. They were discussing real estate, apparently looking to purchase an apartment in the neighbourhood. Apparently, the apartment was for the girls.

“Why would I want to live in a two-point-one million dollar apartment that looks like a service entrance?”, spat one of the girls with disdain. Why, indeed? Later, I managed to glean some details about their finances.

“I can’t touch my trust fund until I’m twenty-one,” bemoaned the other girl, “so she’ll have to be the one signing the paperwork.”

Twenty years old and buying a Manhattan apartment. Jesus Christ.