University Court

April 1st, 2006 § 0 comments

Last week, NYU released housing assignments for Fall 2006/Spring 2007. This is the first year the University is giving sophomores priority over everyone else. Assignment of housing prior to this year was based on a seniority system, with sophomores effectively at the bottom of the totem pole. Now, juniors are instead.

It came as no surprise to me, then, that my request to remain in my current apartment next year was pretty much ignored. Next year, I will be living in University Court, at 24th St. and 1st Avenue. I had only ever been to the area once before. This will be the first time I’ve lived above 14th Street, so I walked up to 25th St after work on Wednesday. I took a bunch of pictures, but the light was pretty poor, so not very many of them came out. The ones that did are here.

I posted them in the gallery, here.

The place itself looks a bit like a jail, though I’ve never been inside. The surrounding neighborhood is quiet, though walking a block or two west takes you to more interesting surroundings.

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