April 26th, 2006 § 1 comment

It’s coming up for finals at NYU, so I have spent a significant amount of the last week on campus, writing papers and studying up for exams. I had an opportunity to eat dinner at Cafetasia, the new Thai/Asian restaurant on East 8th Street, on the first floor of the NYU Cantor Film Center. I suppose it’s a good location, being close to NYU, it attracts its share of students looking for a meal on the cheap. It’s also in competition with neighborhood incumbent Thai spot, Spice, where I have been buying Thai food since I was a freshman.

Overall, I have to say that I’m impressed with Cafetasia. I took a seat by the windows facing the street. Probably to accomodate parties of one or two, the window seating is arranged counter-style along the windows, so patrons are looking directly out–and passers-by are looking directly in. The seating arrangement for the rest of the cafe is communal. Think Republic, but on a slightly smaller scale.

Others I have spoken with haven’t enjoyed sitting at the windows so much, but I enjoyed it; I could stare out the window with impunity, having nowhere else to look.

Cafetasia’s interior decor is quite spectacular. Very trendy, with dark wood panelling covering all the walls and the ceiling, with mirrors at irregular intervals throughout. The floor is black, and overhead incandescent lights and steel chandeliers provide ambient light. For an inexpensive restaurant, Cafetasia extremely stylish and well-executed.

Most importantly, the food was very good. My standard benchmark Thai dish — Pad Thai — was very good, though I recieved a whopping two shrimp in my dish. In fairness, I wasn’t actually expecting any shrimp at all–just chicken–though upon closer inspection the menu advertises both in a standard-issue order of Pad Thai. The noodles’ presentation was decent, though what can you really do with a pile of chicken-and-noodles to make it look more fancy? Overall, I’d give the entire experience four out of five stars. For eight bucks, I really can’t complain.

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