Berlin thus far

March 13th, 2007 § 0 comments

I’ve been in Berlin since Saturday, after a fairly tough journey (see below), but now that I’m actually where I wanted to get to, things are going really well. A recap:

Saturday Evening: Met up with Kyrsti, a friend of John’s from Whitman College, who is currently living in Berlin working for a German member of Parliament. We visited “Laugh Olympics Berlin” an improv comedy show that’s held in a yoga studio–I guess the owner likes improv. Perhaps a bit like Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, but in Berlin, in a much trendier setting.

Sunday: Visited the Fernsehturm, and actually went up it this time rather than wandering around the bottom. I took pictures there, but in the tradition of pictures-from-tall-places, they’re not all that interesting unless you were actually there.

Monday: Visited Checkpoint Charlie for obligatory touristy stuff, and paid a visit to the neighboring museum, which houses some artefacts that people used to escape East Berlin, like hollowed-out cars and improvised hot-air balloons. Hung out for a little while in the Sony Center in the newly-built Potsdamer Platz. Met up with Kyrsti for dinner and drinks in the evening

Today: Had some coffee back over at Potsdamer Platz. Had a look at where John used to live in the ‘burbs. Well, not really ‘burbs, more like just-outside-downtown. Currently sitting in a café having a beer. How can you be mad at that?

I think we’re planning on visiting another of John’s friends on Thursday, a couple of hours outside of Berlin on the train.

My guess is that this is pretty boring knowledge just to read about. I suggest you go and have a look at my photos from this trip, which I am keeping updated, here.

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