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January 17th, 2008 § 1 comment

Here, in its entirety, is the response I received from UA, over two weeks after I sent them the contents of the last post:

Dear Mr. Dickinson,

I regret the inconvenience that you have experienced on January 1.

I understand that you encountered the following:

1. You were not served well during your flight.
2. You are disappointed with Economy Plus service.
3. No meal service was available during your flight from San Francisco
to .F. Kennedy.
4. Their was no personnel video system available onboard.

First and foremost, please accept my apologies that we did not serve you
better. We didn’t seem to do very well providing you hassle free travel
experience. We have no excuse for the poor service you had to tolerate.
I have shared your comments with my colleagues responsible for the
specific areas you mention so they understand how these experiences felt
from your point of view, and so they can follow up with their teams to
ensure improved handling of your travel needs in the future. All of us
at United value hearing about aspects of our operation that work for you
- as well as where we can further improve. Your candid feedback allows
us to learn from them.

Moreover, Also, I understand from your report that your baggage didn’t
reach on-time. I would share your feedback with our Baggage Offices at
the respective departure and arrival airports so they can work to
improve baggage procedures. Your request for the reimbursement is
appreciated. However, we do not provide this based on your baggage not
reaching its destination on-time and I do apologize. I hope that you
would have received your baggage by now. In case, you have not yet
received the same, please contact our Central Baggage department by
calling 1-800-221-6903.

You experienced so many difficulties, which we regret, and while I can’t
undo the circumstances you experienced; please accept the travel
certificate, which you will receive within 7-10 business days

Please give us an opportunity to provide you the service you expect from
United Airlines.


Leetika Kalra
United Airlines Customer Relations

§ One Response to United Airlines Update

  • SFD says:

    Guess they haven’t included a spellchecker with their document application.

    Interesting response. Didn’t really address the parlous state of their aircraft, nor the basic issue of the SFO end stating that you could expect your luggage to travel on the same flight as you – but the JFK office suggesting that this wasn’t the way it worked at all.

    But it was a response…and there’re quite a few who wouldn’t have bothered.

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