iPhone SDK is Here! (Sort of)

March 7th, 2008 § 0 comments

If you’ve been online for more than a nanosecond today, you’ll no doubt have heard that the Software Development Kit for the iPhone is being released today as a public beta. This is a huge deal: Upon its intoduction, development on the platform was strictly limited to Apple only.
As someone who’s spent the last few months (quietly) studying the iPhone hacker community for the past few months, I wonder what will happen to the vibrant, largely noncommercial group that has been devoted to enabling third-party applications on the iPhone, minus official Apple support. My bet is that the community will redouble its efforts to surround distributing SDK-created apps that have not been vetted by Apple through a mechanism other than the new iTunes App Store. Hackers tend to favor entirely open systems, and while the new SDK makes the platform far more accessable than it was yesterday, it will still be somewhat restricted, notably in the areas of SIM unlocking and VoIP via cellular data. I expect to see the SDK fully reappropriated to those tasks.


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