The Frustrations of Pandora

April 27th, 2008 § 0 comments

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Pandora, the free online radio service in which you can create a custom ‘radio station’ that plays music for you based on the musical characteristics of an artist or song of your choosing. I’ve recently managed to fine-tune a Pandora station that’s right where I want it, full of funky, jazzy, electronic tracks, with the right combination of obscure and mainstream. One of the biggest frustrations I have with Pandora is the occasional inability to purchase or otherwise obtain some of the tunes that I hear. Of late, I’ve been searching for a song by a group called Ortophonk that’s been coming up fairly frequently. The track’s called “Hau da oh Nena!!!”, at least according to the Pandora track listing. Repeated Google searching only turns up a MySpace page that purports to belong to the band, but nothing else. I can’t find their music on Amazon or iTunes. The only places that I can see that claim to sell their records are shady Russian MP3 sites who promise a whole album for a nickel.

So I’m posting this in the off chance this will show up in a google search for “Ortophonk”: anyone got a copy of this record?

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