Incoming Snow

February 11th, 2006 § 0 comments

Snow MapAccording to the NWS, the New York area is about to get buried with 6-12″ of snow (and I like how the margin of error is +/-50% in NWS forecasts).

I’m supposed to go out to a birthday party this evening. I suspect that getting home might be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the subways will continue to run without incident. I’ll post details on any interesting incidents. Stay tuned.

Update 1540hrs:

There’s some light snowfall in the financial district. No sign of stick-age yet. However, many building owners preemptively doused the sidewalks with salt. The snow seems to be getting heavier as time passes. There’s enough snow in the air where the Brooklyn Bridge is hard to see out the window.

Update 2000hrs

It’s hard to see what’s going on from the 18th floor, but I just got back from a run on the 2nd floor of my building (3.2mi in 34 mins, what). It looks like there’s some accumulation going on the cars parked on the street, but not much more than that. The snow is falling at about the same clip as before.

Update 0130hrs

Just got back from a friend’s birthday party in NoLita. Nearly killed myself walking the two blocks from the Spring St. station to her apartment by sliding off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic. Genius move wearing shoes with hardly any tread left on them. The snow is beginning to fall very heavily, and the winds are blowing it around, so it’s pretty hard to get around. I think that’ll wrap it up for this evening.

Update 0140hrs

Just had a lightning bolt and a thunderclap. Snow is even heavier. The NWS now says 10-16″ by tomorrow afternoon.

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